About Us


Inspired by excellence, driven by scientific data. We provide the only quantitative measures in physical performance.


Performance Phenomics is a digital  platform for professional sports league associations, teams, managers and players that uses unique biological assessments  to draft, invest, and train smarter.

In the high-stakes world of  elite sports, we help athletes and teams  make better-informed decisions that drive performance.

Traditional Analytics are based on gameplay. The scouts and managers use statistical tools that are based in part on qualitative observations. It is up to the individual evaluating the player to decide if the prospect has the potential to excel in the coming five to ten years. At Performance Phenomics, we eliminate the guess work and any biases.

Performance Phenomics has developed a set of quantitative biomarkers for performance in elite athletes that stratify players by performance potential and risk of injury. We look at objective data from the inside out. This means we look at an athlete's brain structure and function and how it relates to performance potential. 




Patent Pending Technologies and Procedures, make our Company truly unique. We are the only firm on the Planet to provide Quantitative Performance Metrics using Imaging Data, that Clearly Defines Performance for Athletes.




From the President down through the organization the Performance Phenomics Team is made up of PhD's, Neuroscientists, Data Statisticians, and Athletes. The Science of what we do runs at the core of our Business DNA. And, we couldn't be prouder of the drive this company has to be the best in class at what we do.